Fields of Expertise

The GRUNDIG ACADEMY GROUP comprises of various members, whose impressive competence profiles have helped to expand our portfolio. They allow for learning and development and vocational training in all important areas of industry, service and administration including mechanical and electrical engineering, telecommunication, business administration and management.

A carefully selected combination of training topics enables you to find an optimal solution for your training needs.

We are happy to support you with any service related to training and development and create tailormade in-house solutions for your specific training requirements. Naturally, we can deliver your training solution.


Technology & IT

As part of the Max Grundig Foundation the Technical College was established as a non-profit organization more than 30 years ago and has been key to the success story of the GRUNDIG ACADEMY GROUP.

Based on our experience, we ensure professional levels of know-how by constantly updating our technical facilities and curricula. Fully equipped laboratories help to ensure the effective transfer of learning and knowledge. GRUNDIG ACADEMY GROUP alumni are preferred candidates for middle management positions in globally recognized companies such as Siemens or Bosch.

Many of our courses are certified by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry and therefore provide degrees authorized by the government.


Since its early days as „Philips Akademie“ more than 17 years ago, the TOP Business AG gained signifcant experience in professional technical training within the telecommunication ecosystem. Product-specifc and generic training facilitate the solution of your problems.

Generic training on Next Generation Networks and Information & Communication Technologies, e.g., Smart Metering, Car Telecoms, Unifed Communication, are available as open enrolment courses in Nuremberg (Germany), or at any venue worldwide as an in-house solution or by using our web-based training services. Modules are always tailored according to the needs of the participants (managers, level 1&2 feld force, sales & pre-sales staff, admi-nistrators, end-users).

A number of infrastructure providers have chosen TOP as an outsourcing partner for the delivery of extensive training programmes for staff and custo-mers. This training is available at our Nuremberg training centre or globally at partner venues.Additionally, we provide know-how in order to facili-tate your core business processes: Contact Centre Management, Network Operations Optimization, Project Management, Procurement Support and many more. Read more …

Business Administration & Management

Our courses are developed in co-operation with businessexperts as well as German and French universities and provide you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to succeed in your leadership and managerial roles. This also applies to our standard or tailor-made training programme. In addition, we can support you with administrative and managerial consultancy services for various industry sectors. We are very much focussed on in-house solutions, which have been successfully delivered and proven by numerous satisfed customers.

These in-house solutions are the best possible way to ensure that organizational training objectives are met at all levels. The GRUNDIG ACADEMY GROUP offers quality-tested and state-certifed training programmes.

Our training experts will be happy to fnd the best solution for your company. You may choose among some 200 different courses to fnd the right training solution for you.